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I’ve delivered talks at 200+ events across countries like Belgium, Denmark, France,  Greece, Italy, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Turkey, UK and USA at universities including Amsterdam, Arizona State, Boston, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Georgia State, Groningen, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, King’s College London, KU Leuven, Lund, LUISS, Manchester, Oslo, Oxford, Sciences Po Paris, UCD, UConn, Uppsala, Vanderbilt and Yale among many others and venues like Carlsberg Akademi, Durham Book Fair, the Edinburgh Fringe, Institute for Public Policy Research-North, Northern Stage, Sunderland Civic Centre and the Houses of Parliament. Note: this is a list of academic talks and it does not include speaking engagements with television or radio.

Selected speaking engagements:

2017 Invited speaker, Department of Philosophy, University College Cork, Republic of Ireland.

12 October 2017  Invited speaker, Department of Philosophy, Durham University, UK.

5 October 2017  Keynote speaker, Hegel and the End of History Graduate Conference, University of Glasgow, UK.

September 2017 Speaking on the varieties of natural law theories, Society of Legal Scholars annual conference, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

27 July 2017 Invited speaker, UK immigration, Show Racism the Red Card, Unison Northern Headquarters, UK.

22 June 2017 Invited speaker, On UK citizenship, Teesdale U3A, UK.

26 April 2017 US book launch and book signing, R J Julia Booksellers, Connecticut, USA. Recent authors at R J Julia include Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Julie Andrews.

24 April 2017 Invited speaker, Rethinking Just War, Center for Global Ethics and Politics & Social and Political Theory Working Group, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA.

19 April 2017 Arizona State University Distinguished Alumnus Public Lecture receiving Distinguished Alumnus Award from School of Politics and Global Studies, Can we test for citizenship? Lessons in what not to do, Arizona State University, USA.

18 April 2017 Invited speaker, What are our obligations to the global poor? School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University, USA.

6 April 2017  Gave evidence on immigration and integration to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration, Westminster, UK.

24 March 2017 Invited speaker, Labour’s immigration policy, Sedgefield Labour Party, UK

15 March 2017 Raising Profile, Durham Law School, UK.

8 February 2017 Invited speaker, Unaccompanied Child Migrants, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees, Houses of Parliament, UK.

1 February 2017 Invited speaker, What should be Labour’s immigration policy?, St Nicholas and Gilesgate Labour Party, Durham, UK.

16 January 2017 Invited speaker, Labour’s immigration policy – what should it be?, Newcastle North Labour Party, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

30 October 2016 Invited speaker, ‘How to talk about immigration’, Unison Ambassadors Group, Show Racism the Red Card, Unison Northern Region Headquarters, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

27 September 2016 Invited panellist, ‘Immigration after the EU Referendum: get it right or risk irrelevance?’, Policy Network & Barrow Cadbury Fund panel, Labour Party annual conference fringe, Liverpool, UK. Panel included Sunder Katwala (Director, British Future), Rachel Reeves MP, Tim Roache (General Secretary, GMB) and chaired by Sonia Sodha (Chief Leader Writer, The Observer).

5 September 2016 Paper on problems with Ronald Dworkin’s legal principles, Society of Legal Scholars annual conference, University of Oxford, UK.

29 August 2016 Invited speaker, The Theory and Practice of Punishment East and West, City University of Hong Kong, China.

27 July 2016 Invited speaker, The “Brexit” Campaign: The 2016 Referendum on UK Membership of the European Union one-day workshop, part of the International Association for Media Communication Research (IAMCR), University of Leicester, UK.

26 July 2016 Invited speaker, Show Racism the Red Card, North Shields, UK.

5 July 2016 Invited speaker, Border Security Aspects of International Security, International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, Westminster, UK.

  • Former contributors to programme include British Prime Minister Rt Hon David Cameron MP, former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Sir Richard Branson.

20 June 2016 Invited speaker, Is There Life in the UK Citizenship Test? Café Culture, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

16 June 2016 Invited speaker, EU Referendum Debate, St Chad’s College, Durham University, UK.

14 June 2016 Invited speaker, Britishness workshop, Ustinov College, Durham University, UK.

6 June 2016 Invited speaker for debate on capital punishment, Durham Union Society, Durham University, UK. Other speakers are Robert Buckland MP, Peter Hitchens and Gloria Laycock.

4 June 2016 Invited speaker, Should the British citizenship test be a barrier or a bridge? TEDx Durham University, UK.

12 May 2016 Invited speaker, On the EU Referendum & possible impact on trade from US Presidential elections, International Trade Committee, North East Chamber of Commerce, Durham County Cricket Club, Chester-Le-Street, UK.

29-30 March 2016 Invited speaker, ‘Becoming British – UK Citizenship Examined’, Ville et Migrations (Cities and Migration) conference, Sciences Po-Paris / University of Sorbonne – Paris / College des Bernardins, Paris, France.

11-12 March 2016  Keynote speaker, ‘Punitive Restoration’, ‘Policing and Prisons’, 6th Annual Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy, Bowling Green State University, USA.

1 March 2016 Invited speaker, How is the death penalty justified?, Amicus/Amnesty International Society of Durham University, UK.

29 February 2016 Invited speaker, ‘Becoming British’, Durham University Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society, Durham University, UK.

18-19 February 2016 Invited speaker, on political philosophers and the media, ‘Normative Interventions’ conference on relation between political theory and political practice, University College London, UK.

27 January 2016 Invited speaker, ‘Punitive Restoration’, Legal and Political Theory Seminar, University College London, UK.

13 January 2016 Invited speaker, ‘Punitive Restoration’, Social Futures Institute public lecture, Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK.

12 January 2016 Invited panellist, Immigration, Stockton area Labour Party, Stockton, UK.

19 November 2015  Invited speaker, Harvard Political Theory Colloquium, Harvard University, USA.

17 November 2015  Invited speaker, Philosophy Department, Suffolk University, Boston, USA.

16 November 2015  Invited speaker, Philosophy Department, Vanderbilt University, USA.

10-12 November 2015 Invited speaker, School of Global Politics, Arizona State University, USA.

2 November 2015  Invited speaker, Department of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University, USA.

20 October 2015  Invited speaker, Durham European Law Institute & Human Rights Centre Joint Roundtable on the Refugee Crisis, Durham University, UK.

14 October 2015 Invited speaker, ‘Testing Citizenship’, Immigration, Democracy and Justice Workshop, DIReCT, University of Milan, Italy.

13 October 2015 Invited speaker, Author meets critics roundtable on Thom Brooks & Martha C. Nussbaum (eds), Rawls’s Political Liberalism, Politeia, University of Milan, Italy.

4-5 September 2015 Invited speaker, Global Justice: New Directions in Research and Advocacy conference, Ghent University, Belgium.

2 September 2015 Paper on ‘good citizenship’ rules for permanent residency and citizenship in the UK, Society of Legal Scholars conference, University of York, UK.

14 June 2015  Invited speaker, Magna Carta and the changing face of revolt Liberteas exhibition, St Chad’s College, Durham, UK.

8 June 2015  Invited speaker, Newcastle Constituency Labour Party – Jesmond Branch, UK.

28-29 May 2015 Invited speaker, Global Justice workshop, University of Oslo, Norway.

18 May 2015 Invited speaker, Magna Carta symposium, Centre for Global Constitutionalism, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, UK.

30 April 2015 Invited seminar speaker, University of Chester, UK.

15 April 2015 “Why Hegel Matters” -Public Lecture, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK.

9 April 2015 Author meets critics conference on Punishment

9 April 2015 Invited seminar speaker, LUISS, Rome, Italy.

26 March 2015 Invited keynote speaker, Hegel and Theology Conference, University of Manchester, UK.

25 March 2015 The Impact of Political Theory Roundtable, Houses of Parliament, UK.

5 February 2015 “Punitive Restoration” – Invited seminar speaker, All Souls Criminology Seminar, All Souls College, Oxford, UK.

19 November 2014  “Hegel on Alienation and Stakeholding” – Invited speaker, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

18 November 2014 “Justice as Stakeholding” – Invited speaker, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland.

16 October 2014  “Why Hegel Matters” – Inaugural Lecture, Durham Castle, Durham University, UK.

24 September 2014 “Justice as Stakeholding” – Invited seminar speaker, Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universitet Leuven (KUL), Belgium.

9-11 September 2014 “The Life in the UK Citizenship Test: How Should It Be Reformed?” –  Society of Legal Scholars annual conference, University of Nottingham, UK.

4-5 September 2014 “Justice for Stakeholders: Lessons from Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” – Invited speaker, Hegel Society of Great Britain annual conference, Magdalen College, Cambridge, UK.

9 July 2014 “The Capabilities Approach and Criminal Justice” – Invited speaker, Law School, Leeds University

2 June 2014  “Towards a More Global Theory About Global Justice” – Invited speaker, Justice in a Global Age conference, University College, Durham University, UK.

23 May 2014  “Cultivating Citizenship: On the Importance of Stakeholding” – Nussbaum and Her Critics conference, St Mary’s College, Durham University, UK.

2 April 2014 “Political Liberalism and the Capabilities Approach” – Invited speaker, Philosophy Department, Open University, UK.

27 March 2014  “Punitive Restoration” – Invited speaker, Political Science Faculty, Science Po, Paris, France.

18 March 2014 “The Life in the United Kingdom Citizenship Test: Its Problems and What to Do About Them” – Invited speaker, Ustinov College, Durham University, UK.

13 February 2014 “Political Liberalism and the Capabilities Approach” – Department of Philosophy, Durham University, Durham, UK.

11 February 2014 “The Life in the United Kingdom Citizenship Test: The Case for Reform” – Invited speaker, Institute of Applied Ethics, University of Hull, UK,

30-31 January 2014 “Private Law and the Capabilities Approach” – Private Law and the Basic Structure of Society conference, University of Amsterdam Law School, the Netherlands.

28 November 2013 “Unjust War Theory” – Centre for Law and Society, Edinburgh Law School, Edinburgh University, UK.

26 November 2013 “The Death Penalty and US Public Policy” – Invited speaker, Durham University Amicus-Amnesty International Club, UK.

21 November 2013 “Can the Left Win the Immigration Debate?” – Invited speaker, Durham University Labour Party Club, UK.

19 November 2013 Invited speaker, Insights Public Lecture and Routledge Great Minds book series launch, Newcastle University, UK.

6 November 2013 “Punishment: Retribution or Restoration?” Invited speaker, Hatfield College, Durham, UK.

26 October 2013 “Justice as Stakeholding” – Keynote speaker, Political Studies Association—Political Thought Specialist Group annual conference, King’s College London, UK.

17 October 2013 – Speaker, Durham Book Festival, Café on the Green, Durham, UK.

15 October 2013 “The Capabilities Approach and Political Liberalism” – Invited speaker, School of Politics, Economics and Philosophy/Political Theory Workshop, University of York, UK.

1-2 October 2013 “Punitive Restoration” – Howard League for Penal Reform conference, Keble College, Oxford, UK.

26 September 2013 “Justice as Stakeholding” – Invited speaker, Edinburgh University Philosophy Society, Edinburgh, UK.

20 September 2013 Invited participant, Social Media and Trolling workshop, Lancaster University, UK.

18 September 2013 Invited speaker, creating academic impact, Reclaiming Impact conference, Society for the Advancement of Management Studies, Durham University Business School, UK.

3-5 September 2013 “Punitive Restoration” – Criminal Justice section, Society of Legal Scholars conference, Edinburgh, UK.

3-5 September 2013 “Justice as Stakeholding” – Jurisprudence section, Society of Legal Scholars conference, Edinburgh, UK.

27-30 August 2013 “Justice as Stakeholding” – British Idealism conference, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, UK.

3 August 2013 “How Not to Save the Planet” – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, UK.

20 June 2013 Invited speaker, roundtable on the punishment of Internet trolling, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK.

13 June 2013 Invited speaker, The ‘Life in the United Kingdom’ Citizenship Report Launch, Durham Castle ‘Cutting Edge’ Lecture Series, Durham University, UK.

14 May 2013 Punishment book launch and roundtable, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, UK.

30 April 2013  Invited speaker, “Climate Change Justice,” Collingwood College, Durham University, UK.

28 March 2013 Invited speaker, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Ireland.

26 March 2013 Speaker, “Stakeholder Sentencing,” Socio-Legal Studies Association annual conference, University of York, UK.

4 March 2013 Invited speaker, “Stakeholder Sentencing,” Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group, Edinburgh Law School, Edinburgh University, UK.

20 February 2013 Invited speaker, “Stakeholder Sentencing,” Durham Law School, Durham University, UK.

31 January 2013 Guest Lecture, “The Unified Theory of Punishment,” Law School, Edge Hill University, UK.

7 December 2012 “James Seth on Natural Law and Legal Theory,” annual British Idealism specialist group conference, Hull University, UK.

Me at Royal Society of Edinburgh

25-26 October 2012 Invited speaker, “Punishment and Public Opinion,” Punishment conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

4 September 2012 Invited speaker, “The Application of Philosophy to the Public Sphere,” British Postgraduate Philosophical Association, Royal Society of Edinburgh, UK

2012 Invited speaker on fairness and responsibility in an unequal society, Senate House, University of London, 2012.

2012 Invited speaker, Philosophy Society, Edinburgh University, 2012

2012 Speaker, Durham Law School, 2012

2012 Invited speaker on feminism and justice, Glasgow Sceptics Society, 2012.

2012 Invited speaker on the domestic and international challenges facing British politics, Newcastle University, 2012.

2012 Invited speaker on criminal law and sentencing, Carlsberg Akademi, Copenhagen, 2012.

2012  Speaker on James Seth and Legal Theory, British Idealism conference, University of Hull, 2012

2013 Law School, Edge Hill University, January 2013

2013 Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group, Edinburgh Law School

13 January 2012 – invited speaker, Editor’s Cut: A View of Philosophical Research from Journal Editors, Institute of Advanced Study, University of London, UK


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