Practical Guide to UK Report

Thom Brooks is the author of on A Practical Guide to Living in the United Kingdom – an official guide for new migrants to the UK.

Practical Guide Report


My report exposed several key problems with the Practical Guide. I found it poorly organised with much overlap throughout; key information was left out including information about how to pay taxes or contact the police in an emergency; there were factual errors concerning taxes, residency and marriage; there were several surprising omissions in its coverage of obtaining a visa, the courts, housing and divorce; some information is already outdated and, finally, the Guide lacks a clear purpose.

I conclude the Guide lacks any distinctive aim or purpose, that information in this Guide not already in the citizenship test handbook should be transferred to it (and so discontinue publication of the Guide) and the government should launch a new Citizenship Advisory Group to review UK rules and regulations concerning residency for non-UK citizens and pathways to citizenship with evidence-based recommendations on how to improve existing measures and with public consultation.

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