191 columns written for newspapers and magazines including Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The TimesSunday Express, Fabian Review, Huffington Postthe Newcastle Journal, LabourList, New Statesman, Northern EchoSunday Sun, International Business Times, Bright Blue, Impact of Social Sciences, Middle East Eye, The Conversation, The Philosopher’s Magazine and Times Higher Education.

Daily Telegraph (8)

Theresa May cannot solve her customs confusion with yet more rhetoric,” Daily Telegraph (6 February 2018).

Demanding universities name their Brexit teachers is a bizarre attack on academic freedom,” Daily Telegraph (24 October 2017).

Mrs May must urgently address the exodus of UK citizens or risk undermining Brexit’s potential,” Daily Telegraph (24 August 2017).

Here are five ways Theresa May can make immigration work for post-Brexit Britain,” Daily Telegraph (23 February 2017).

I swore an oath to Queen and country. Why must public officials be the only ones to do the same?” Daily Telegraph (20 December 2016).

How Theresa May could win back the public’s trust on immigration,” Daily Telegraph (28 November 2016). (Endorsed in Telegraph leader.)

It’s a relief that the Jungle camp is closing. We must stop seeing Calais migrants as a French problem and show leadership,” Daily Telegraph (26 October 2016).

What should Theresa May do about immigration? A 6-point plan,” Daily Telegraph (22 July 2016): 20.

The Independent (8)

Students must learn to think for themselves about Brexit, whatever snooping MPs think,” i news (24 October 2017).

The Home Office makes huge profits from immigrants. So where is the money going to?” The Independent (13 September 2017).

Theresa May just quietly made a sinister deal about EU citizens which puts on the fast track to a bad Brexit,” The Independent (26 June 2017).

Just in case Brexit wasn’t demoralising enough for immigrants, the Home Office is now charging them to send an email,” The Independent (6 June 2017).

The manifesto pledge that the Tories never have – and never will – deliver on,” The Independent (11 May 2017).

Theresa May’s strict immigration rules are keeping numbers down – by driving British citizens out,” The Independent (26 April 2017).

I’m known as the Brexit expert who said it would never actually happen,” The Independent (9 April 2017).

Don’t grill Byron burgers for government’s cheap-as-chips immigration tactics,” i news (29 July 2016).

The Times (7)

“The biggest Brexit headache for May could be citizenship,” The Times (6 December 2017).

Bringing Labour into a grand coalition team would give May new options in Brexit talks,” The Times (9 November 2017).

The silly season is over and it’s time for May to make way,” The Times (8 September 2017).

Saying ‘Brexit means Brexit’ was the easy part,” The Times (3 July 2017).

May must reassemble the Brexit team in a grand, all-party coalition,” The Times (14 June 2017).

Net migration success is a hollow victory,” The Times (26 May 2017).

May doesn’t have to wait for Brexit to cut immigration,” The Times (11 April 2017).

Fabian Review (Fabian Society) (2)

“Citizens’ conversation,” Fabian Review 128(4) (Winter 2016): 24-25.

“Before and again: Labour can forge new immigration policies that build on its past achievements,” Fabian Review 128(1) (Spring 2016): 3.

Huffington Post UK (10)

Theresa May won’t win a penalty shoot-out with the EU by treating its citizens like a political football,” Huffington Post (18 February 2018).

“Theresa May’s Brexit: what they say is not what you get,” Huffington Post (7 February 2018).

Immigration report step in right direction, but unlikely to get government to change course,” Huffington Post (18 January 2018).

Some advice for Meghan Markle on how to pass the UK citizenship test,” Huffington Post (28 November 2017).

Universities minister must stand up for academic freedom now under threat from government whip,” Huffington Post (10 November 2017).

Chris Heaton-Harris can keep his letter – my university is for free thought and debate,” Huffington Post (24 October 2017).

If Brexit can be stopped, why won’t the PM consider it?” Huffington Post(10 October 2017).

Leavers like Boris Johnson harm their Brexit cause more than their critics,” Huffington Post (18 September 2017).

PM’s secret Brexit immigration plans are mostly gimmicks to fool public,” Huffington Post (7 September 2017).

Theresa May’s plans for Britain’s Brexit look increasingly like the status quo – but worse,” Huffington Post (30 August 2017).

LabourList (35)

“Labour must take the lead on immigration after new report shows government failure,” LabourList (15 February 2018).

May’s migration pledge is a poisoned chalice but Labour can regain public trust,” LabourList (5 December 2017).

We can detoxify the immigration debate by making fees on migrants more transparent,” LabourList (1 December 2017).

Boris and Gove’s treatment of British mum in Iran shows they betray our citizens,” LabourList (13 November 2017).

Reforming the justice system is not Old or New Labour – it is essential for today,” LabourList (6 October 2017).

The 52 percent did not vote for this: why Labour is right to oppose the Brexit bill,” LabourList (8 September 2017).

Labour is on a roll – so let’s abandon the old divisions and work together for victory,” LabourList (28 June 2017).

May should put Brexit talks on hold and bring Labour on board for advice,” LabourList (19 June 2017).

Finally we have a manifesto which could allow Labour to win on immigration,” LabourList (7 June 2017).

We must expose the Tory crackdown on migration for the fib that it is,” LabourList (19 May 2017).

The three reasons why June might still turn out to be the end of May,” LabourList (10 May 2017).

How Theresa May ended up to the right of Enoch Powell on immigration,” LabourList (26 April 2017).

As a migrant I know Labour must have a coherent and compassionate policy on immigration if it is to win again,” LabourList (5 January 2017).

Tory focus on immigration numbers shows something badly wrong — Labour should champion a vision to benefit everyone,” LabourList (9 December 2016).

This is personal: why Corbyn was right to pledge to revive the migration impact fund,” LabourList (29 September 2016).

We can counter the claim that Brexit means taking back control of the UK’s borders,” LabourList (20 June 2016).

Cameron is over-complicating the EU referendum — Labour must argue to stay in despite his reforms,” LabourList (3 February 2016).

Can Labour win on immigration?” LabourList (2 February 2016).

Cameron’s immigration strategy is to govern through gimmicks,” LabourList (19 January 2016).

A house divided cannot stand. Can all these new groups help Labour win?” LabourList (30 December 2015).

If Cameron wants EU reforms, he should look closer to home,” LabourList (17 December 2015).

Let’s stand up for the new politics,” LabourList (4 December 2015).

Immigration policy – Corbyn style,” LabourList (17 September 2015).

Now time for the real campaign – and time to come together,” LabourList (14 September 2015).

The Government isn’t taking EU refugee crisis seriously,” LabourList (1 September 2015).

The Corbyn Factor: is Corbynomics Labour’s Future?” LabourList (22 August 2015).

The Calais crisis highlights the poverty of Tory immigration policies,” LabourList (5 August 2015).

The Calais migrant crisis is a bigger problem than you think,” LabourList (1 August 2015).

We’re punching below our weight until we acknowledge Tony Blair’s successes for our party” LabourList (23 July 2015).

Abstaining on the welfare bill was sensible – Labour must keep its eyes on the prize: winning,” LabourList (21 July 2015).

The Tory budget forgets immigration,” LabourList (16 July 2015).

“Labour must not be ‘squeamish’ about immigration,” LabourList (18 June 2015).

“The election lesson we must learn is relevance,” LabourList (19 May 2015).

“Why control of immigration is not just for mugs,” LabourList (1 April 2015).

“New migrant ‘health surcharge–an election stunt full of loopholes,” LabourList (22 March 2015).

“Labour should lead on reforming citizenship rules,” LabourList (24 February 2015).


The New Statesman (3)

“Blairism isn’t about moving right – it’s about doing what’s right,” New Statesman (18 June 2015).

“‘Observergate’ and Academic Freedom,” New Statesman (15 April 2011).

The ‘Life in the UK’ Test Has Morphed into a Barrier to Immigration,” New Statesman (16 July 2013).

E!Sharp (1)

The meaningless mantra of “Brexit means Brexit””, E!Sharp (27 October 2016).

Solicitors Journal (4)

Telling the real story behind immigration figures,” Solicitors Journal 160(24) (20 June 2016).

Where have Cameron’s promised reforms to EU membership gone?” Solicitors Journal 160(22) (7 June 2016).

Immigration: the long and winding road to being British,” Solicitors Journal 160(16) (26 April 2016): 17.

The legal war of words over the Calais jungle,” Solicitors Journal 160(12) (29 March 2016).

The Northern Echo (1)

Is the ‘persona’ veiling issues?” The Northern Echo (2 March 2016): 14.

Sunday Sun (1)

“General Election 2015: Who will win the North East marginal?” Sunday Sun (3 May 2015): 11.

International Business Times (2)

In the age of Byron Burgers, we are all border agents,” International Business Times (29 July 2016).

PMQs: David Cameron must apologise for his “bunch of migrants” comment – it’s not US vs THEM,” International Business Times (27 January 2016).

Newcastle’s The Journal (58)

If the public really does lose all faith in its politicians, where do we go then?” The Journal (27 May 2017): 53.

“General election comes down to a matter of who we can trust the most,” The Journal (13 May 2017): 45.

The shock and awe we felt about Donald Trump is now seeping through the United States,” The Journal (29 April 2017).

Democracy is not seeing its finest hour – and that should alarm Remainers and Brexiteers,” The Journal (15 April 2017).

There’s no way Theresa May will walk away from the talks without a deal on Brexit,” The Journal (18 March 2017).

Could a register of hate criminals be the solution?” The Journal (24 February 2017): 27.

Is turning our back on British values the price we must pay for a deal with Trump?” The Journal (10 February 2017): 25.

Our courts are no enemies of the people – they are champions of our liberties,” The Journal (27 January 2017): 31.

May’s silence has allowed Labour to fill in the gaps,” The Journal (13 January 2017): 25.

A year in which folk suffered shock after shock,” The Journal (30 December 2016): 21.

Immigration has to work for the whole of society,” The Journal (16 December 2016): 25.

“Brexit is a dog’s dinner cooked by the Government,” The Journal (2 December 2016): 27.

When candidates mislead public to win they cause damage,” The Journal (18 November 2016): 25.

“Turning negatives into positives no easy task,” The Journal (8 November 2016): 23-24.

Hillary Clinton will win – but because Donald Trump is feared, not because she is loved,” The Journal (21 October 2016): 27.

Theresa May’s Britain – a new global player or a closed shop?” The Journal (6 October 2016): 25.

The Tories imitate the US, however they do it badly,” The Journal (23 September 2016): 29.

The Remainers already feel let down. Soon everybody else will,” The Journal (9 September 2016): 29.

Why losing trust in political leaders damages all of us,” The Journal (26 August 2016): 27.

“Why the arguments for scrapping Trident just didn’t add up,” The Journal (12 August 2016).

New dawn and a new politics…a work in progress,” The Journal (29 July 2016): 25.

The lack of leadership from the Government and the Brexit campaign has been hugely damaging,” The Journal (15 July 2016): 25.

This campaign won on the basis of lies has created a poisonous atmosphere,” The Journal (1 July 2016): 25.

Why immigration could go up if we vote to go it alone,” The Journal (17 June 2016): 27.

The UK citizenship test is becoming like a bad pub quiz and has to change,” The Journal (4 June 2016): 27.

Jury’s very much out on Gove’s plans for prisons,” The Journal (20 May 2016): 29.

Whatever the result of the American election, America will become more damaged,” The Journal (6 May 2016): 27.

We’re not angry when politicians break promises – it’s what we expect,” The Journal (22 April 2016): 27.

Now is the time to work out how a new, fair and sustainable asylum policy might work,” The Journal (8 April 2016): 25.

Those who choose to use to Brussels attacks to promote Brexit are trying to pull us apart,” The Journal (25 March 2016): 25.

Trump’s success is alarming many Republican voters,” The Journal (11 March 2016): 27.

We are still waiting for our country to start a genuine debate about immigration,” The Journal (26 February 2016): 27.

Britain has acquired brakes it can’t pull & red cards that aren’t red at all,” The Journal (12 February 2016): 27.

How Government set us on the road to the red doors,” The Journal (29 January 2016): 27.

It’s less ‘yes, we can’ and more ‘well, we tried’ from President Obama and his team,” The Journal (15 January 2016): 23.

The big political developments we should look for in 2016,” The Journal (1 January 2016): 19.

Government wants us to rat out those who we once loved – but doesn’t even tell us how,” The Journal (17 December 2015): 23.

The way we communicate about politics is a problem that is creeping into a public crisis,” The Journal (4 December 2015): 23.

It won’t be easy, but there are ways we can fight this barbarity,” The Journal (19 November 2015).

The friends that Jeremy Corbyn never knew he had,” The Journal (10 November 2015).

The Government’s strategy for tackling extremism is more Little Britain than Big Society,” The Journal (22 October 2015).

Theresa May delivered a tough-talking speech – but it was undermined by her actions,” The Journal (9 October 2015).

Don’t let the Northern Powerhouse go the way of the Big Society,The Journal (24 September 2015).

EU migrant crisis: we have offered so little to those who have lost so much,” The Journal (12 September 2015): 39.

And the big winner in the Labour leadership contest is…David Cameron,” The Journal (29 August 2015).

Some fencing and a few sniffer dogs in Calais is just not enough,” The Journal (15 August 2015): 39.

“Political parties get the leaders they deserve: on Labour’s leadership race,” The Journal (31 July 2015): 22.

Let’s reflect carefully before we leap ahead with another expensive mistake,” The Journal (25 June 2015). My views endorsed in columns by Paul Linford and Kate Thick.

“John F. Kennedy was right. Ask not what your country can do for you…,” The Journal (29 May 2015): 18.

“You can already hear the Blairites saying ‘I told you so’ – and they might be right,” The Journal (10 May 2015): 21.

“The marginal that matter in the North East,” The Journal (10 April 2015): 43.

“Voters can’t be blamed for not wanting to go to the circus when all they see are clowns,” The Journal (26 March 2015): 16.

“This election is about insecurity,” The Journal (26 February 2015): 23.

“Waiting for a credible message of realistic optimism,” The Journal (30 January 2015): 18.

“The biggest worry in the North East is the cuts that are coming next,” The Journal (12 December 2014): 17.

“UKIP must adapt or it will surely die,” The Journal (25 October 2014): 17.

English devolution open a Pandora’s Box?” The Journal (22 September 2014): 4-5.

“Scottish independence referendum: Border skirmish in the offing?” The Journal (13 July 2014).  

“Mention of Big Society a Big Worry,” The Journal (22 June 2011): 18.

Sunday Express (1)

How Labour is failing voters,” Express on Sunday (28 August 2016).

Progress Online (20)

Bold thinking on integration,” Progress Online (17 January 2017).

Brexit means what for immigration?” Progress Online (4 October 2016).

A new way forward on immigration,” Progress Online (29 June 2016).

Seeking asylum answers,” Progress Online (10 May 2016).

Cameron’s continuing failure on immigration,” Progress Online (29 February 2016).

A speech for Tory heads,” Progress Online (6 October 2015).

The government is not taking Calais seriously,” Progress Online (28 August 2015).

The Battle for Britain 2015,” ProgressOnline (17 February 2012).

The Case for PCCs,” ProgressOnline (2 March 2012).

Effective Criminal Justice for All,” ProgressOnline (2 May 2012).

“A Good Citizenship Bill,” Progress (May 2012): 11.

Preparing for ‘the Great Unknown’,” ProgressOnline (24 May 2012).

“Immigration insecurity,” ProgressOnline (14 March 2013).

“Failing the test on immigration,” ProgressOnline (4 July 2013).

“Give victims a greater voice in sentencing decisions,” ProgressOnline (16 December 2013).

“One Nation Labour can deliver the Britain we deserve,” ProgressOnline (29 August 2014).

“Testing citizenship: The pub quiz problem,” ProgressOnline (16 September 2014).

“See no EVEL,” ProgressOnline (7 October 2014).

Grand committee musical chairs,” ProgressOnline (5 February 2015).

“Time to revise and relaunch the UK citizenship test,” ProgressOnline (4 March 2015).

Bright Blue (2)

Testing Times for Citizenship,” Centre Wright 1 (special issue on ‘The Great Migration) (2016): 32.

“Testing Citizens: Why the UK Citizenship Test Requires Urgent Reforms,” Bright Blue (17 November 2014).


Impact of Social Sciences (1)

Government should make greater use of university academics as specialist consultants,” Impact of Social Sciences (23 September 2013).

Middle East Eye (1)

The Calais crisis: could it have been averted?” Middle East Eye (21 August 2015).

The Conversation (19)

Don’t grill Byron burger for government’s cheap-as-chips immigration tactics,” The Conversation (29 July 2016).

Brussels attacks: callous Brexit tweeters will lose the battle for hearts and minds,” The Conversation (22 March 2016).

Why is the UK ramping up costs for potential Australian migrants?” The Conversation (24 February 2016).

Breaking up is hard to do – especially when you have to fill out a government form,” The Conversation (7 January 2016).

“Australia should tread cautiously on UK-inspired English language tests,” The Conversation (1 July 2015).

“UK Citizenship Test is Inconsistent and Riddled with Errors,” The Conversation (14 June 2013).

“Paper-Hungry Courts Put on Digital Diet,” The Conversation (4 July 2013).

“Immigration Arrests are Not a Spectator Sport,” The Conversation (5 August 2013).

“Bad Data Underpins Flawed Health Tourism Report,” The Conversation (23 October 2013).

“Tories Forget How the Internet Works, Deletegate Reminds Them,” The Conversation (15 November 2013).

“‘Polish Precedent’ Won’t Work to Forecast Future EU Migration,” The Conversation (23 December 2013).

“Immigration Ministers Need to Know More about Immigration,” The Conversation (11 February 2014).

“Cornish Pasties Must be Added to the UK Citizenship Test,” The Conversation (25 April 2014).

If Holyrood gets more powers, English views on regional parliaments may change,” The Conversation (16 June 2014).

“Customs at Gretna Green? Neither side is telling the whole truth on this one,” The Conversation (10 July 2014).

“Calais migrant crisis must be a problem shared between France and Britain,” The Conversation (1 September 2014).

PM has the power to address migration concerns without resorting to EU scare tactics,” The Conversation (1 December 2014).

Immigration system is full of holes but can Labour fix it?” The Conversation (16 December 2014).

‘Unacceptable’ scenes in Calais: whose fault is that, Mr Cameron?” The Conversation (25 June 2015).

The Philosophers’ Magazine (1)

“A New Approach,” The Philosophers’ Magazine 54 (2011): 110-11.

Times Higher Education (5)

“Thought and Deed Born of Idealism,” Times Higher Education Supplement (20 October 2006): 28-29.

“Defence of the Jury is an Open and Shut Case,” Times Higher Education Supplement (2 March 2007): 14.

“Us against Us in the Land of Mahatma,” Times Higher Education Supplement (29 June 2007): 21.

“Better Together,” Times Higher Education (10 February 2011): 26.

“A Connecticut Yankee in King Alan’s Court,” Times Higher Education (7 July 2011): 44-46.

Obama nomination 2 - TRT World

La Razon (Spain) (1)

El Brexit duro es una mala noticia para todos,” La Razon (17 January 2017).


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